"When one does not find solution in a discipline, the solution comes from outside of this discipline".
                                                                                                                                                       Jacques Labeyrie     


From the senses feast to the Quest of Sense

Born in 1948 in Seine-et-Marne, Michel ROUDNITSKA has become in the course of all these years, a "transdisciplinary" expert. Indeed, to his degree in business (an ESSEC diploma) one can  add his life-long passions in the area of image creation (photography, drawing, sculpture, picture synthesis, laser, video), as well as in the composition of perfumes and in the daily art of computer processing.

Michel ROUDNITSKA lived throughout his childhood in a universe of fragrances. His father initiated him to olfactive raw materials and  the art of composition for more than ten years.
As he pursued his research work with perfumes, he simultaneously devoted 30 years to photography, especially to the techniques of "photomontage".
He thus created many covers and illustrations for magazines (3ème Millenaire, Vogue, Sciences et Avenir, Happy Few, etc), books (for Albin Michel, le Souffle d'Or, etc),  and advertising brochures notably for Air France's Concorde, Shell and IBM.
Many articles in specialized picture magazines have been dedicated to his work : Le Photographe, Pixel, Creation numerique, Regard sur l'Image, 3ème Millenaire, Happy Few, Parfums et Senteurs (N°3) etc.


His outstanding experience of multi-screen slide projection has led him to realize audiovisual and laser shows for world-famous Perfume brands (notably Christian Dior) and Jewelers, as well as for prestigious shows and ballets in France and abroad (notably in Australia and for the government of French Polynesia).

He has also participated in several exhibitions in Paris and elsewhere in France:
Salon d'Automne at the Grand Palais, Gallery Râ (visionary Art), Oeil du Diaph, Neuilly's Cultural Center, Nice's Espace Image, Grasse's Palais des Congres, Cannes' Galerie Albion, Espace Bonnard at au Cannet, "Musiques d'Images" festival at Avignon and J.I.P at Arles...

In the course of an eight year stay in the South Pacific and particularly in French Polynesia, he authored with the philosophical writer Paule SALOMON, a reference work on the Pearl of Tahiti titled: "The Magic of the Black Pearl"; he also undertook reporting trips for the Gamma agency, created advertising images for great jewelers and finally founded a publishing house to distribute his creations in the form of postcards, art calendars and posters.

Michel ROUDNITSKA was one of the first in France, over 20 years ago, to integrate the then-new color "synthetic" images in his audiovisual spectacles. Henceforth the computer and the drawing tablet have become his main tools to create these composite images he has called "Photo Syntheses" in view of the fact that they require both photographic techniques and image synthesis.

In the last four years, thanks to digital video, Michel has been able to create films animating his images into infinite metamorphoses and allowing him, among others things, to visually "represent" odors and perfumes ; this, he notably demonstrated in his window front of the "SEPHORA" high-class store on the Champs-Elysées.

He had to develop, then, an original method & technic to establish a table of correspondence (as Baudelaire had foreseen already) between visual forms (whether observed in nature or created by computer) and "olfactory forms" 

This tool, which he displays in the course of conferences and training seminars, favors a better communication between the creators and the potential users of the perfume (see the book illustrated for Michael Edwards: Fragrances of the World 2000) , but also opens tremendous perspectives for original designs applying to all human senses.

It is in this context that, at the 50th "Festival d'Avignon" in July 1996 (and in association with "Musique d'Images"), Michel ROUDNITSKA realized a true multisensorial spectacle based on the five elements: "QUINTESSENCE" : it added, to the giant multivision audiovisual panorama, the live dimension of the Avignon's Opera Ballets and furthermore, the olfactory diffusion of programmed high-class perfumes over the open-air audience.

His second multisensorial show titled "SUN STONE", after a poem by Octavio Paz and presented in both 1998 & 1999 in Paris, uses the new tools of digital video to project animations synchronized with the choreography. The olfactory score, composed of seven sequences, invites us to a fragrant trip in the universe of our emotions.

More recently, in October 2002, Michel Roudnitska created for the fourth Centifolia Congress a new musical, olfactive and aquatic show "UN MONDE EN SENTEURS" (World Scents) with the original music by Nathalie Manser and David Richards.
This show was then presented on  December 21st, 2002, in Montreux (CH), Stravinsky Auditorium.



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Michel ROUDNITSKA currently works at Cabris in the Grasse region, devoting himself mainly to the composition of perfumes he has studied and practiced for over twenty years. Since 1997, he manages with his mother, Thérèse,  the ART & PARFUM company specialized in the creation and manufacture of prestige perfumes founded by Edmond ROUDNITSKA,
his father, creator of Christian Dior's "Eau Sauvage", among other great perfumes.
In order to better defend the artistic dimension of the perfume, Michel ROUDNITSKA dedicates himself to the concept of signed « parfum d’auteur » working mostly for "niche" brands.
So in June 2000, his first fragrance "Noir Epices" is launched by "Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle" jointly with « Parfum de Thérèse », his father's posthumous masterpiece.
In 2002, he creates with the new brand "Parfums DelRae" from San Francisco, a high range line of perfumes specially conceived for the USA :  Eau Illuminée, Amoureuse, Bois de Paradis,  followed by "Début" in 2004. These fragrances are now distributed in Europe.
Lastly in 2007/2008, still on the American luxury market, he creates two new perfumes: « Ellie »  et « Ellie Nuit » which already get a favourable appreciation among the connoisseurs (Best Scent Masterpiece Award 2007).
Emotionnelle"  the 5th perfume created for DelRae was launched in Europ in November 2008.

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